Update Fort Mac Donations


In the spring, an unimaginable tragedy hit the people of Fort Mac. Our family was shocked by the thousands of people and pets displaced from their homes – and we wanted to help Alberta Pet Families.

Perfectly Raw joined forces with our network of dealers and stores across Canada, launching the Alberta Wildfire Pet Families’ Assistance Program to help affected families in Fort McMurray and surrounding communities. The Program included providing Immediate Food Assistance to Fort Mac Pet Families – and donating May and June Program customer sales to the Red Cross to the Red Cross Alberta Fires Appeal.

We are pleased to announce that together, we raised more than $16,000 for Fort Mac Families.

We want to thank our dealers for participating in the Food Assistance Program and getting the word out so quickly. We want to thank every customer who purchased our products in May and June. Through your generosity, Alberta Families still struggling to get back on their feet will receive additional support, clothing, shelter and other necessities.

Important – Pet Friendly Reminder

Wildfires and Home fires are unfortunately more common than we would like. Please prepare for similar emergencies. Click here for information on how to create your own Pet Fire and Emergency Plan.

Stay safe – and have a great summer!

Kerry Baldwin & Family
Baldwin Feeds Perfectly Raw

New Product – PURE PORK MIX

Looking for a 100% natural, protein-rich meal for your dogs?

You’re not alone.

In response to customer demand, we’re pleased to introduce the newest member of our Perfectly Raw product family – Pure Pork Mix.

  • Complete, balanced and Vet approved; the perfect addition to your dog’s weekly meal plan.
  • Hypo-allergenic; made from all natural, fresh, top quality pork only ingredients – ground hearts, tongues, meat, bones and livers. Perfect for pets with allergic reactions to poultry-based products.
  • A more affordable meal alternative to expensive red meats like beef and bison. More variety for your dogs and better value for pet owners!
  • Delicious and convenient to feed; available in EZ Snap bricks, scored in vacuum-packed, re-sealable bags for easy feeding and portion control. Our popular bulk cases are also available for bigger pet families.
  • Formulated to improve the health of all dog breeds, ages and life stages.

Give your dog the best. Give them Perfectly Raw Pure Pork Mix!

Ask in-store for a free sample today.


Perfectly Raw offers immediate help to Fort Mac pet families

Fort McMurray – we want to help!

Our family is shocked by the thousands of people and pets displaced from their homes during this unimaginable tragedy. We have been devoted to the health and well-being of animals for more than 50 years, and want to do what we can to help you and your pets!

We have joined forces with our network of dealers and stores across Canada to create an Alberta Wildfire Pet Families’ Assistance Program so that we can provide help to affected families in Fort McMurray and surrounding communities. Our program will provide help in two ways:

Immediate Food Assistance to Fort Mac Pet Families

  • a 40% discount off of all Perfectly Raw pet foods will be provided to help ease the burden of feeding your dogs and cats. Pet owners can visit any of our 50+ authorized dealers in Alberta, or anywhere you have relocated across Canada, to receive this discount. To find a store nearest you, please click here.

Direct Financial Assistance to all Fort Mac Families

  • 10% of all national Perfectly Raw pet food sales will also be donated to the Red Cross Alberta Fires Appeal to help all affected families recover from this disaster. Funds will be used for emergency food, clothing, shelter and other necessities as per the Red Cross program.

The thoughts and prayers of our entire Perfectly Raw family are with all of you during this difficult time. Our Alberta Wildfire Pet Families’ Assistance Program will remain in effect from May 1-June 30, 2016.

With the continued outbreak of fires across Canada, we also want to help other pet families prepare for similar emergencies. Please click here for information on how to create your own Pet Fire and Emergency Plan.


Kerry Baldwin & Family
Baldwin Feeds Perfectly Raw


Perfectly Raw at Calgary Pet Expo April 23 & 24

Calgary Pet Show If you’re in the Calgary area April 23 & 24, come and visit us at the Calgary Pet Expo Booth #321. Find out how you can change your pet’s health today and keep them fit for life! Enter to win awesome prizes! View the Calgary Pet Expo website.

Perfectly Raw Foods contain 100% of what your pets need to survive and thrive and 0% of what they don’t. Complete, balanced and safe, our meals and snacks are made from all natural, fresh, top quality ingredients to mimic the natural carnivore diet preferred by pets. Specially formulated for all breeds, ages and life stages. Vet Endorsed and Dealer Rated for best quality and price.

Find out about our 30 Day Healthier Pet Challenge. As your pets transition to Perfectly Raw Health Foods, toxins are eliminated from their bodies and your pets begin to heal. Over time, you will see some real health benefits: shinier, softer, more luxurious coats & healthier skin; reduced shedding, dander & bad coat hair smell; healthier teeth, gums and better breath, less bacteria and infection; healthier, leaner bodies for stronger hearts, lungs, muscles and joints; reduced inflammatory conditions and infections; reduced obesity & threats of diabetes, arthritis, hip and other joint issues.

Switch to Perfectly Raw & give your pets the best chance for a long and happy. To find a store near you in Canada, go to perfectlyraw.ca.


Perfectly Raw pet foods Vet Approved!

Perfectly Raw is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Lea Stogdale, DVM, to our team as Nutrition Advisor. A Specialist in Internal Medicine, Dogs & Cats, Lea has been practicing veterinary medicine for more than 40 years, and emphasises the importance of preventive health and good nutrition. Dr. Stogdale considers raw diets (complete and balanced) to be the best nutrition for our pets, and recently endorsed our complete line of Perfectly Raw pet foods.

Dr. Lea Stogdale

We know that proper nutrition is essential to your pets health and well-being. That’s why, our commitment to you is to produce the the freshest, most affordable pet foods on the market. All of our products are made from all natural, top quality ingredients to mimic the natural carnivore diet preferred by your pet. Perfectly Raw foods contain 100% of what your pets need to survive and thrive, and 0% of what they don’t. It’s nutrition as nature intended. Today, we are proud to feed more than 500,000 animals in Canada and the US, selling more than 9,000,000 pounds of our products each year to mushers, breeders and pet owners like you. We are also proud to donate food to restore the health of animals in shelters and rescues.

Yukon gets Perfectly Raw

Announcing our northern most authorized dealer – On POINT – Hunting Dog Training and Nutrition in Whitehorse. On POINT is the Yukon’s first versatile dog training service, selling professional dog training equipment and now Canada’s high quality, raw pet food. For more information and to order products, click here.

Turkey Dinner Now Available

TURKEY.FINALAdding to the variety of Perfectly Raw™ products, your dogs can now enjoy our Turkey Dinner with fruits & veggies. Made with ‘double ground’ turkey frames, this all natural meal is easier to chew and digest, especially perfect for smaller dogs and dogs with chicken allergies. Find a store near you – and give your dog the best.

Dogs with chicken allergies should also try – Ground Turkey, Bone In or our 4-Pro Fish Mix.

Congratulations Canvasback


Congratulations to one of our long-time resellers of Perfectly Raw products – Canvasback – on the opening of their new store on May 1, 2014. Having had the privilege of touring it recently, I can tell you it is incredible. If you are in the area, please check it out. Google location link below.- Kerry and Renée Baldwin, Baldwin Feeds Perfectly Raw


The Raw Truth

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the hazards of raw dog food diets lately, and there seems to be a lot of misinformation out there. So I’ll try to address a few of the big questions today.

The biggest concern is Salmonella. Yes, raw foods are a salmonella risk. As are any raw foods that we prepare for our own consumption. But, a quality product handled appropriately is as safe or even safer than kibble, which is also capable of being contaminated with salmonella. Many people think that the raw food fed to pets is rancid, waste product. The product we sell is from feather to frozen within 24 hours. About as fresh as you can get. And as long as it is kept refrigerated after thawing, it can be held safely for days, like any raw meat product.

Most importantly, the Salmonella concern is not about harm to the animals, but the risk to humans. As carnivores, dogs and cats can handle levels of salmonella far exceeding what we can. So the concern is that mishandled raw foods can infect people. And for households with immunologically suppressed people or small children, raw foods might not be something you should risk.

There are rumours out there about raw foods leading to worms. The worms that can be spread through feeding raw generally come from pork and wild game, not domestic animals. So, a hunter feeding his dog deer or elk he’s just shot is taking a risk at infecting it with parasites, likewise feeding untreated pork products can be a risk. But frozen raw pet food made by a reputable manufacturer is safe. Rarely do you see wild game or pork products used, and when they are, they are treated with pressure or extended deep freezing to eliminate pathogens. Homemade preparations that use risky materials can lead to problems, but with a little research you can ensure that you eliminate these dangers.

“Pets shouldn’t eat chicken bones” is probably the most common misconception out there. Dogs and cats have been dining on the raw bones of prey animals for thousands of years. But in the wild, they’ve never had to worry about cooked bones. Until they get cooked, bones are pretty soft, containing a lot of water. But once they are cooked they become dry and brittle and when broken, they can be razor sharp. Try and do the wishbone thing with a raw wishbone and you will go crazy. But cooked, snap! So, part of the information is true, dogs should not eat cooked chicken bones. Cats, though, are rather dainty in chewing, and can handle a cooked chicken neck easily. My Streaky gets one every day or two, and loves them, raw or cooked.

So, as long as the chicken piece is raw, and the animal actually chews it into appropriate swallowing size, it is safe. Some animals will try and gulp items too large to swallow, including rawhides, pigs ears and chewies. If your pet does this, then a chicken back or neck might not be an appropriate treat. But if they aren’t gulpers, gnawing on a chicken neck or back is a great dental treat and has tremendous food value. Having a mat designated as a chew place can keep the pet from wandering around with a chunk of raw chicken. If they take their snack off their mat, take it away from them and return it to the mat. They learn quickly what that means.

Handled with respect, there isn’t a better, more appropriate food for your pet than raw. But take the time to learn all about it, it will be well worth it.

Jeff MacFarlane is the Owner of Aardvark Pets in Winnipeg, MB and a proud dealer of Perfectly Raw. To read more of Jeff’s articles, please visit his website – www.aardvarkpets.com