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Where are Perfectly Raw products manufactured?

All our products are manufactured, packaged, and shipped from our family facility outside of Starbuck, Manitoba. Our facility employs over 12 staff members.

Where do your products come from?

All our poultry and pork ingredients originate from the same animals being processed for people in human grade food processing facilities. These facilities are strictly regulated and inspected by either federal CFIA or provincial inspectors. Being situated in rural Manitoba, Perfectly Raw is proud to use poultry and pork ingredients sourced from animals raised by Manitoba farmers, and processed locally in Manitoba.

Is the salmon used in your 4 Pro Fish Mix wild or farmed?

All of the salmon we use is Wild. It is ground and flash frozen within a few hours of being caught at the plant in B.C. where it remains frozen for a minimum of 6 – 8 weeks before it is sent to us for use. Our B.C. supplier provides salmon to a number of pet food companies, and is very experienced in the science of quality and freshness control, just as we are. (*Farmed salmon has been linked to antibiotic use and other things that may be harmful to pets, so it is not used in our products.)

What does a Complete and Balanced meal mean?

There are 3 main ingredients required for a raw meal to be considered complete and balanced: Meat – Bone – Organs. The meat needs to provide both protein and fat. The protein is used for building muscle while the fat provides energy. The bone provides minerals, while the organs provide vitamins. All of Perfectly Raw mixes and dinner blends do contain meat, bone and organs in appropriate proportions. Based upon nutritional analysis, they are complete and balanced.

Which Perfectly Raw products are complete and balanced?

  • Pro Energy Mix
  • 4 Pro Fish Mix
  • Purrfect Pro Mix
  • Pure Pork Mix
  • Lean ChickenDinner w/ Fruits & Veggies
  • Turkey Dinner w/ Fruits and Veggies.

Which Perfectly Raw products are NOT complete and balanced?

  • Ground Chicken Backs
  • Ground Lean Meaty Bones (GLMB)
  • Ground Turkey – Bone In

Your Pure Pork Mix is hypo-allergenic. How is it processed in the same facility as your poultry products?

The Pure Pork is processed first thing in the morning in rigorously cleaned and disinfected equipment and freezer trays that the product is frozen in. This occurs before we start processing any of our poultry products. This is a hypo-allergenic product so we do our best to ensure that the pork does not come into contact with any other ingredients or equipment that has been in contact with poultry, at any time.

How do I switch my dog to raw?

There are two ways you can transition your dog to a raw diet: gradually, or suddenly. Pets with a sensitive stomach do best by gradually introducing the new food in increasing amounts over the course of a few days until you are at 100% raw. Many pets will transition well going “cold turkey”. We suggest starting with one of our simple ground products like the Ground Chicken Backs or Ground Turkey, and feed one of those products for every meal over the course of a few days. The single ingredient aspect will be easier on your pets digestive system, and get your dog adjusted to the new type of food. During this period you can expect some changes in their stools – don’t worry, this is normal! We recommend feeding during a time where you can be around for the hour to two hours after each meal in case your pet needs to do their business. Once your pet has adjusted, you can start to incorporate one of our complete and balanced products. Your pet must have a complete and balanced diet going forward, so take a look at our product line up to see which one may work best for your particular fur family. How you switch your dog to a raw diet can sometimes depend on a few factors, such as breed, age, activity level, and dietary restrictions. The type of complete and balanced product you choose can also depend on these factors. Contact us directly at [email protected] if you have any questions.

How do I switch my cat to raw?

The majority of cats will need a gradual transition. Slowly replace a portion of their current food with raw, and increase raw/reduce current food every few days. Very picky ones may need to transition first to a canned/wet food, then slowly replace with the raw diet. Always thaw the product first.

Where do the fruits and veggies come from in your Lean Chicken Dinner and Turkey Dinner?

The only portion of the Perfectly Raw products that are imported is the dehydrated fruits and veggies, which come from Silva International in Illinois.

Why are your chicken eggs cooked instead of raw?

Using cooked eggs in our products vastly decreases the likelihood of bacterial build up while using the products, and makes for a cleaner, easier product to use.
If we were to use raw eggs, it would create a very slimy texture which is unpleasant to handle. It also creates a higher potential for bacteria build up if left out thawed for too long. Using cooked eggs in the production of our products keeps the mess to a minimum.

Is the Taurine content in the Purrfect Pro Mix safe for my dog?

Dogs do need taurine, but they are able to synthesize it in their pancreas from the amino acids cysteine and methionine. Dogs deficient in taurine may be eating a high carb diet with proteins mainly coming from various starches. Our blends with the poultry and organs all contain good quality meat proteins that should provide sufficient amounts of taurine. That being said, there would not be an issue adding the Purrfect Pro Mix, which contains added taurine that cats require, into your dog’s rotation for variety.

How do I find the bone and meat percentages of your products?

As we are grinding entire pieces of chicken and turkey with bone, meat, and fat all attached, we can not state a specific bone percentage.
However, the Protein and Fat percentages listed with every product equals the approximate “meat” content, while the Ash percentage is fairly close to the “bone” content. Compare those 2 numbers and you will have a rough ratio and percentage of meat to bone.

What percentage of organ content is in your products?

All of our complete blends have 10% organs, consisting of 6% liver and 4% kidney.
You can find the detailed macro and micro nutrients of each particular product on our Nutrition Analysis here.

Is a raw diet ok for my cat?

Absolutely! Our Purrfect Pro Mix is specifically designed with cats in mind. It has an excellent balance of protein, fat, and organs, with naturally occurring and pharmaceutical grade taurine included. It also has smaller, few bones that are easier for small mouths and teeth to chew and digest. No need to add anything extra!

Why is Taurine essential for my cat’s health?

Taurine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is crucial for your cats vision, digestion, heart muscle function, to maintain normal pregnancy and fetal development, and to maintain a healthy immune system. This is why we also add additional taurine to ensure sufficient levels for cats. Cats do not synthesize taurine, unlike dogs, so they require adequate amounts of taurine in their food.

My pet has itchy skin and dandruff. Will a raw diet help?

Your pet’s skin and coat health could be due to a food related reaction, and we have found that many customers have seen a drastic improvement when switching from kibble to raw. Our products do not contain any fillers, grains, corn, or additives that often cause allergic reactions in pets, so many pets respond positively to the change.
If you are currently on a raw diet and find these issues, your pet may have a particular reaction to a particular protein; the most common one being a sensitivity to chicken. If you determine this to be the case, our Turkey products, as well as our Pure Pork Mix, make for excellent allergy friendly alternatives. We encourage everyone to consult their vets with any health related concerns.

My pet has a serious health concern. Will a raw diet help?

We encourage everyone to always consult with their vet when there are any serious health related concerns. Every pet is different and may require specific health treatments.

How old does my puppy have to be to start a raw diet?

We have a few Perfectly Raw users who wean their puppies directly off mamma and onto a raw diet. We have also seen puppies start on raw when they are 12 to 14 weeks old. You can switch your puppy at any time, you simply need to make the switch in a way that works best for your pet. Some tips include:

  • let your puppy (if still nursing) gum or gnaw on a Whole Chicken Neck or Whole Chicken Back. That gets the digestive juices flowing while not actually ingesting and having to digest meat. Always monitor your pet while they do this.
  • introduce a simple, ground product like the Ground Chicken Backs anytime after they are 10 weeks old. We suggest this product for their first few days as it doesn’t contain any organ content, which can be too rich for a pup to adjust to initially.
  • if you have a very small breed pup, we recommend finding a ground boneless chicken or turkey product from your local grocer, as the bone content in our products may be too large to start with.
  • after being on the simple Ground Chicken Backs (or the grocer option) for a few days, begin incorporating a complete and balanced product such as our Purrfect Pro Mix. It’s a finer grind with smaller bone pieces, making for easy digestion and consumption.

How you switch your puppy to a raw diet can sometimes depend on a few factors, such as breed and dietary restrictions. Contact us directly at [email protected] if you have any questions.

How do I find out which products will work best for my pet?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing Perfectly Raw product(s):
How active is your pet?
How old is your pet?
Does your pet have food allergies/sensitivities?
What breed(s) is your pet?

For example:
If your pet is a young, highly active Border Collie (or similar) breed, they will be burning many calories a day and will need a higher fat and protein diet to ensure they can keep up with what they are burning off. Product options include our Pro Energy Mix, Pure Pork Mix, and Turkey Dinner w/fruits and veggies.
If your pet is a senior, slower moving Rottweiler (or similar) breed, you’ll want to feed a leaner and lower fat content product. They won’t be burning as many calories per day, and weight gain is something you need to monitor in senior pets. Product options include our Lean Chicken Dinner w/fruits and veggies, our 4 Pro Frish Mix, and the occasional addition of the Ground Lean Meaty Bones.
If your pet has allergies or sensitivities, you will want to find out exactly what they are, and speak with your vet about what products may work best.
Once you know what your pet’s needs are, you can rotate through our complete and balanced products in whatever ways work best for you and your pets. Many customers like to choose 2 to 3 complete and balanced options to alternate feeding; this is called rotation feeding.

These are general examples; every dog is different, and you know your pet best, so you will need to determine what kind of diet will work for them. You can find detailed nutritional comparisons on our Nutrition Analysis Chart. If you have particular questions or concerns about what to feed, send us an email at [email protected]

How do I handle raw pet food safely?

Treat and handle all raw pet foods just like you would handle any raw human foods prior to cooking for your family. Always use glass or stainless steel bowls, and wash and sanitize daily. Here is a link to the Public Health Agency of Canada’s website for basic tips on how to handle all raw foods safely: http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca

Isn’t the bacteria in raw pet food unsafe?

If your dog already has a compromised immune system or some health problem, they may be affected by the bacteria that is always present in ground raw meat, whether it be for pets or people. However, healthy dogs have several natural defenses. Their saliva contains lysozyme, an enzyme that destroys harmful bacteria. Their stomach acid kills most bacteria. Most of the documented cases of severe bacterial septicemia are from kibble-fed animals.

What do I do if my dog has very hard or soft bowel movements when eating raw?

Some dogs eating raw diets have either very hard BMs due to the bone content, or soft BMs due to the low fibre level. Neither very hard nor soft BMs are desirable. To alleviate these problems, add some vegetables to each meal. The amount required will differ for each dog. You need to determine what is best for your pet.

What are the top 5 myths about raw feeding?

1. Dogs have adapted & live longer with cooked and commercial food diets. False!
2. Raw Meat diets are not balanced. False!
3. Raw Diets are inconvenient and expensive. False!
4. Bacteria in raw meat is dangerous to my dog. False!
5. Bones are dangerous for my dog! False!

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