New Product – PURE PORK MIX

Looking for a 100% natural, protein-rich meal for your dogs?

You’re not alone.

In response to customer demand, we’re pleased to introduce the newest member of our Perfectly Raw product family – Pure Pork Mix.

  • Complete, balanced and Vet approved; the perfect addition to your dog’s weekly meal plan.
  • Hypo-allergenic; made from all natural, fresh, top quality pork only ingredients – ground hearts, tongues, meat, bones and livers. Perfect for pets with allergic reactions to poultry-based products.
  • A more affordable meal alternative to expensive red meats like beef and bison. More variety for your dogs and better value for pet owners!
  • Delicious and convenient to feed; available in EZ Snap bricks, scored in vacuum-packed, re-sealable bags for easy feeding and portion control. Our popular bulk cases are also available for bigger pet families.
  • Formulated to improve the health of all dog breeds, ages and life stages.

Give your dog the best. Give them Perfectly Raw Pure Pork Mix!

Ask in-store for a free sample today.


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