Perfectly Raw at Calgary Pet Expo April 23 & 24

Calgary Pet Show If you’re in the Calgary area April 23 & 24, come and visit us at the Calgary Pet Expo Booth #321. Find out how you can change your pet’s health today and keep them fit for life! Enter to win awesome prizes! View the Calgary Pet Expo website.

Perfectly Raw Foods contain 100% of what your pets need to survive and thrive and 0% of what they don’t. Complete, balanced and safe, our meals and snacks are made from all natural, fresh, top quality ingredients to mimic the natural carnivore diet preferred by pets. Specially formulated for all breeds, ages and life stages. Vet Endorsed and Dealer Rated for best quality and price.

Find out about our 30 Day Healthier Pet Challenge. As your pets transition to Perfectly Raw Health Foods, toxins are eliminated from their bodies and your pets begin to heal. Over time, you will see some real health benefits: shinier, softer, more luxurious coats & healthier skin; reduced shedding, dander & bad coat hair smell; healthier teeth, gums and better breath, less bacteria and infection; healthier, leaner bodies for stronger hearts, lungs, muscles and joints; reduced inflammatory conditions and infections; reduced obesity & threats of diabetes, arthritis, hip and other joint issues.

Switch to Perfectly Raw & give your pets the best chance for a long and happy. To find a store near you in Canada, go to


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