Vet says dogs likely to eat garbage rather than face a life of kibble!

Now this is worth the read! With wit and sarcasm, historical insight and recent research, Dr. Knueven, a well-credentialed holistic vet and author, questions the wisdom of a kibble-based diet – and recommends a raw diet for our pets.

On his web page Why Feed Raw?, Dr. Doug says “…conventionally, we are going at pet nutrition from a totally wrong direction. We start with ingredients that carnivores were never meant to eat, then we strip out all the nutrients with our processing, and finally we sprinkle in some synthetic vitamins and supplements to try to balance obvious deficiencies. A more intelligent approach would be to start with a look at what canines have evolved eating over the past five million years.”

In Mother Knows Best, Dr. Doug questions “Who knows what current canine problems may be due to missing building blocks: nutrients absent from today’s diets which are assumed to be complete and balanced? The experts in the pet food industry didn’t have complete understanding of nutrition in 1997, nor in 2005, and they still don’t today.”

So what’s the bottom line. The ideal diet is “raw meat, bones, organ meat, and shredded fruits and vegetables.” Sounds like a Perfectly Raw combination to me! Love to hear your thoughts on this.

Why Feed Raw?
Mother Knows Best

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