Does Perfectly Raw Cure Chicken Allergies?

It has long been assumed that dogs on kibble are not really “allergic” to chicken, but instead are just re-acting to all the chemicals and preservatives in kibble products. Who’s to say for sure,  but here is what Callie has to say:

“Hi Kerry, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your products.  My brother’s Wiemeraner could not eat chicken in any form without breaking out into hives – even the products that claimed to be hormone and antibiotic free.  I gave him a package of backs to try for my own curiosity. He is on his second meal of backs (4 in total) with absolutely no reaction whatsoever!  For me that proves the quality of the chicken. Thank you, Callie, AtomicDog”

Perfectly Raw Chicken products use the freshest ingredients from Granny’s, and contain NONE of the chemicals, preservatives, grains and other fillers found in kibble.

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