Huge benefits for Oakley & sis


“My German shepherd Oakley was sick for the first year of his life suffering from constant diarrhea, not able to put on any weight and just feeling ill. Since switching him over to a Perfectly Raw diet about 9 months ago Oakley has gained 35 pounds-he went from 50 pounds to now weighing 85 pounds. He feels so much better, his coat is nicer and his teeth are almost perfect at the age of almost 2! I also switched my pug/cocker cross over to Perfectly Raw and she’s lost weight, her teeth and breath have improved and her skin went from dry to shiny and beautiful! Thank you Perfectly Raw for changing my dogs lives, they’re happy and healthy and staying out of the vet office! No more kibble for my dogs.”

– Jessie Lavallee, Professional Dog Groomer/Owner/Operator, MB

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