Pet Fire & Rescue Emergency Plan & Free Poster

It is important to ensure that your entire family is prepared for emergencies – and this includes making plans for your pets!

Pet Plan & Poster – For emergencies when you are not at home
When a house fire, flood or other emergency takes place and you are not at home, you will need a way to tell the firefighters or rescue personnel that you have pets that need saving!

Download and print this Free Pet Fire & Rescue Poster to let firefighters and other emergency personnel know that you have pets.

  • On the front side, just write in the number of cats and dogs that you may have in the house. Use Other for the number and type of other pets.
  • On the back blank side, you may add additional information such as the name, breed, weight/height, colour and identifying marks of each pet; and you may also want to include a photo(s), and/or a # you can be reached.
  • Once you have added your information, place the poster on/near your front door or window to clearly display that you have pets at home. You may also want to laminate it so you can post it outside.

Pet Kit for Evacuation – For emergencies when you are at home
In case of a fire, flood or other emergency, you should also have an emergency plan in place for your pets in case you need to evacuate your home quickly. Find an area in your home, garage or shed, where you can keep the following items for easy access:

  • Leashes and carriers so you can move your pets safely and quickly.
  • Pet records such as licensing and identification tag/chip information, vaccine records, and medical information.
  • Emergency food and water bowls would be good too.

For other information on Family Emergency Planning, please visit the Canada Safety Council.

Pet First Aid
Did you know you can take Pet First Aid courses? In an emergency, you may need to perform CPR or take other measures to help save your pets life before you can get to a hospital or clinic. Such courses may be available in your neighbourhood. One resource is St. John’s Ambulance – click here for that information.