Health Benefits

Pets of all shapes, sizes and breeds were born to eat a raw food diet. A Perfectly Raw™ diet, rich with protein, vitamins and minerals and other key nutrients, meets all of your dog’s health and nutrition needs, and improves mental, psychological and physical well-being. This means less trips to the vet for your pets, and less bills for you!

Your dog will thrive on a Perfectly Raw diet!

Healthy Teeth & Gums, Stronger Jaws, No Bad Breath
Natural scrubbing and flossing action of eating raw foods reduces tartar buildup for cleaner teeth and better breath, with less chance of periodontal disease prevalent in dogs with a grain-based kibble diet.

Shinier, Luxurious Mink-like Coat, and Healthier Skin.
Raw diets reduce shedding, and supply nutrients for shiny, thick and healthy coats.

Healthy, Lean Body
Raw diets increase metabolic rates, improving digestion and activity levels, helping your dog lose unwanted fat and gain muscle mass.

Better Immune System
Stronger immune systems reduce inflammatory conditions and infections. Raw food diets also reverse degenerative conditions, and improve arthritic conditions.

Healthy Bones & Joints
Raw diets provide protein and minerals, like calcium and phosphorus, that bones need for growth and strength. Without healthy bones, dogs are unable to perform routine tasks and movements, lose the desire for play, and have poor posture.

And there’s more …
Healthy heart
Good lung capacity, easier breathing
Less fat, more and stronger muscle
More effective digestive system
Active and energetic, bright eyes
Smaller, firmer, less smelly and biodegradable stools
Resistance to disease, less health problems and vet bills
Greater bioavailability of naturally occurring nutrients and enzymes in raw, unground, uncooked meat, organs and bones.
Mental, psychological and physical stimulation
Better overall quality of life