Why a raw diet is best for your pets

It’s nature’s first choice.
All dogs and cats, even domestic ones, are born carnivores. They are meat eaters, and the most natural, healthy and biologically appropriate diet for them is the meat, bones and organs of other animals. Cooked, processed foods lead to inactivity, obesity and other health complications.

Dogs are Perfectly designed to eat raw food.
Your dogs sharp teeth and strong jaws are made to cut meat and crunch bones. Saliva is used as a lubricant, and produces enzymes that destroy bacteria, but it does not produce the enzymes needed to digest the carbohydrates from fast foods. Strong stomach acids and shorter digestive tracts are made to efficiently process and digest raw meat and bone.

Raw foods are Perfectly nutrient rich.
Animal carcasses meet the nutritional needs of your dog perfectly, without any additives. They contain the protein, fats, vitamins and minerals that your dog needs for proper development. Meat, fats and proteins are used for energy, and bones are a source of fiber and calcium. Key dietary components are also found in and around organs, cartilage, joints and tendons. For more information on Nutritional Values and Benefits, click here.

Only Humans Like it Hot!
About eighty million species including animals thrive on raw food. Only humans heat their food. Pet food manufacturers claim processed foods are “nutritionally complete and balanced”. In fact, the process of cooking, baking, heating, rendering, drying and so on depletes, and may completely destroy, the amount of proteins, vitamins and other key nutrients your dog needs. Commercial foods also often use poorer qualities of meats, and can be mixed with grains and other ingredients that your dog does not need. These fast foods lead to obesity, inactivity and other health complications. Perfectly Raw™, natural foods are the best choice for your dog’s health and nutrition.

Switch to Perfectly Raw™ and never look back.
Your dog will love you for it, and blend into the change like they have always eaten this way. Keep the diet simple at first, especially for older/middle aged dogs that have been eating fast food for most of their life. For dogs new to a raw diet, it is best to start slow with small meals of ground backs or GLMBs, giving them time to re-develop their digestive systems. Once your dog is digesting the GLMBs, you can include our whole necks, backs and one or both of our Pro Mixes, depending on your dogs needs. Do not over feed, and do not feed raw food and kibble at the same meal.