30 Days to a Healthier Pet

You have the power to change your pet’s health and keep them fit for life!  Diet and exercise are just as important to the health and longevity of our pets as they are for us. As pets successfully transition to our raw diet, their digestive systems adjust to the healthier food, toxins are eliminated and their bodies begin to heal.  Over time, you will see more health benefits with less trips to the Vet, and less bills for you!

Some Real Benefits:

  • Shinier, softer, more luxurious coats & healthier skin.
  • Reduced shedding, dander & bad coat/hair smell.
  • Healthier teeth, gums and better breath; less bacteria & infection, reducing the load on the immune system.
  • Stronger immune systems reduce inflammatory conditions & infections.
  • Less weight, more energy & activity reduces obesity & threats of diabetes, arthritis, hip and other joint issues.
  • Healthier, leaner bodies for stronger hearts, lungs, muscles, bones and joints.
  • Less ear & yeast infections, bladder stones & allergies.
  • Improved digestion – less gas; smaller, firmer, less smelly & 100% biodegradable stools.
  • Natural amino acids, especially taurine, maintain good eyesight, heart & other health benefits in cats.

How much and what to feed?
Several factors such as age, activity level, breed and the health of your pet determine how much food and what kinds of food are best to maintain your pet’s optimum health.  Please be sure to monitor your pet’s dietary needs and adjust the feeding quantities accordingly.

General Feeding Guidelines – Dogs & Cats

    • (% of Ideal Body Weight per day)
      • Average Adults 2 – 4%
      • Kittens & lactating Cats 4 – 6%
      • Puppies, lactating & performance Dogs 6 – 8% 

Some Feeding Tips (Activity & Weight):

    • Less/non Active Dogs, with weight issues: Feed leaner products such as GLMB, Lean Chicken Dinner and 4-Pro Fish Mix
    • Active Dogs, too lean: Feed Pro Energy, and Turkey Dinner.
    • Average Weight & Activity Dogs: Feed combination of GLMB, Lean Chicken Dinner and 4 Pro Fish Mix with Pro Energy and Purrfect Pro Mix.

Meal Planning

Additional Resources: