Complete and Balanced

There are 3 main ingredients required for a raw meal to be considered complete and balanced: 

Meat – Bone – Organs

The meat needs to provide both protein and fat. The protein is used for building muscle while the fat provides energy.

The bone provides minerals, while the organs provide vitamins.

All of Perfectly Raw mixes and dinner blends do contain meat, bone and organs inappropriate proportions. Based upon nutritional analysis, they are complete and balanced.

Complete and balanced mixes and dinners include:

ProEnergy Mix – 4pro Fish Mix – Purrfect Pro Mix – Pure Pork Mix – Lean ChickenDinner w/ Fruits & Veggies – Turkey Dinner w/ Fruits and Veggies.

Single ingredient products are also available:

GroundChicken Backs – Ground Lean Meaty Bones (GLMB) – Ground Turkey Frames.

These single ingredient products do not contain organs, therefore are not complete or balanced on their own. They do however work well as a base for homemade raw meals for those who want to add their own organ meat, or as short term transition products when switching a pet from kibble to raw. The lack of organ allows the pet’s digestive tract to more easily adjust to processing real, raw food.

For further information on all of the macro and micro nutrients Perfectly Raw products provide, please check out the Nutrition Chart-2019

And Vet Approved!

You can also read the professional endorsement of our products by highly acclaimed holistic veterinarian, Dr. Lea Stogdale, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM. In her endorsement Dr. Stogdale states that “Perfectly Raw is complete and balanced, and is excellent for many dogs and many cats.”